N. Toronto Veterinary Behaviour Specialty Clinic

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Specialist Services

Behaviour Referrals

Our clinic offers consultations for behaviour cases on a referral basis by board certified veterinary behaviourist, Dr. Gary Landsberg BSc, DVM, DECAWBM, DACVB (Behaviour).  Dr. Denenberg has accepted a position at the University of Bristol in England and will be leaving August 2015.  

In preparation for your visit, we ask that you obtain a history referral form from your veterinarian, so that we have a good understanding of what has been done up to the present date. You will also be asked to complete a comprehensive history form to provide us with some background about your pet, your family and your home, and to describe the problem and how it has progressed. We also recommend that you bring any movie clips of your pet's behaviour problems so that we might evaluate them during our visit. These forms are available on our website at the behaviour link below.  After your consultation, a letter outlining our findings will be sent to your family veterinarian.

Dr. Landsberg has appeared frequently in the media, has published extensively in the filed of veterinary behavior and has given seminars to veterinarians and veterinary technicians at a variety of venues around the world.

Our clinic offers behaviour consultations for most canine and feline behaviour problems. Some of the most common reasons for referral to our behaviour service include aggression, housesoiling, destructiveness, phobias, anxiety disorders, destructiveness, unruly and overly excitable pets, excessive vocalization and repetitive disorders or stereotypic behavior.  Consultations for the selection of new puppies and for senior pets with signs of senility are also some of their “pet interests”.  

For details on our protocol for behavior consultations and to download our history questionnaire please click on the behavior link below.